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Theme:State policy of Mongolia on combating the criminality and its tendency

Organizer:Law Enforcement University, Ministry of Justice of Mongolia 

Where and when:The Law Enforcement University of Mongolia will host the International Conference on the theme “State policy of Mongolia on combating the criminality and its tendency” under the auspice of the President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj and with the support of Ministry of Justice in Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia on the May 23, 2013.

Conference attendees:The conference is expected to be attended by executive officials of state law enforcement agencies, scholars, professors and researchers of universities and institutes, 160 delegates of national and international organizations, representatives of more than 10 foreign countries and representatives of foreign diplomatic missions in Mongolia.

Conference highlight: Conference is significant due to having national and international scientists’ and researchers’ debate on theoretical issue of criminal policy. At the present time, in the framework of reform of law enforcement activities in criminal justice system Government of Mongolia is implementing more than 10 law projects.

Nature of participation: The delegates will able to address the Conference and make a presentation for discussion at the Conference. If you are going to present the paper, the abstracts and full papers must be sent to organizer before April 26, 2013 in English.

Content of papers:

  • To evaluate the implementation of State policy of Mongolia on combating the criminality, to determine the ways of decisions of actual issues on the theory and practice.
  • To present the newish ideas and tendencies on broadcasting the concept of new draft on the law about crime and its theoretical development, formation and terms of criminal law into training process, 
  • To study and compare the experience and tendency on combating of other foreign countries,
  • To present the ideas and critics on the drafts of law in the scale of criminal system based on the scientific sides.

Requirements on papers:

  • The abstracts and full papers will be written according to the APA, 5th Edition.
  • Papers must be written in English and quantity of papers will not be more than 8 pages.
  • The presentation can be prepared using Power Point or Prezi software, but not more that 12 slides or with 10-minutes of duration.

Please refer to below contacts for registration no later than May 6, 2013.


Domestic scientists, researchers

 Center for Police Studies of the Department of Science and Technology

Phone: 976-70155034, Center_police_studies@leu.gov.mn

Scientists, researchers of foreign countries

Foreign Affairs Office

Phone: 976-70155027 fr@leu.gov.mn


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